Club Online Member Form

Cost per year:
• Adult Member: $20
• Student Member: $5

Cost per night:
• Adult Non-Member: $5
• Adult Member: $4

Benefits of club membership include:
• A reduced charge each week
• Emails from the secretary about any upcoming Lower Hutt events
• Information about changes in the club night.

RSCDS Membership

2016 - 2017 Prices are:
NZ Branch Fee RSCDS Fee Total Annual Fee
Adult Single $52.00 $38.00$90.00
Adult Single - email $42.00 $38.00$80.00
Annual Joint* $42.00 $30.00$72.00
Annual Joint - email* $37.00 $30.00$67.00
RSCDS Life $52.00N/A $52.00
RSCDS Life - email $42.00N/A $42.00
RSCDS Life Joint** $31.00N/A $31.00
Annual Young Adult*** $31.00 $30.00$61.00
Annual Young Adult - email $21.00 $30.00$51.00
Introductory Membership**** $26.00 $19.00$45.00

  • Discounts for the New Zealand Branch Summer School
  • Discounts for workshops, functions and dances in many Regions
  • The right to vote at your Region AGM, and in doing so contributing through your Region delegates to overall policy of the New Zealand Branch at its AGM
  • Regular issues of Kiwi News throughout the year keeping you up to date with what’s happening
  • The annual New Zealand Scottish Country Dancer, a publication containing a directory of Regions, Clubs and Groups, news from Regions and Clubs, and articles on dancing and music
  • The publication Scottish Country Dancer from the RSCDS in Scotland twice a year containing a variety of articles, the annual report and accounts, and news from around the world

* Any two members with the same physical address may be joint members. Only one of each pair of joint members will receive Branch publications.

** Joint membership is not available to RSCDS Life Members (consistent with RSCDS practice), however an RSCDS Life Member may be an RSCDS Life Family Member in association with a Full Adult or Full Annual email Member living at the same address. This gives these members the same discount on the Branch Service Fee available to Joint Members.

*** Young Adult age 18 - 24

**** Introductory membership is available to new members joining after 1 January. The fee is 50% of the full annual fee for the relevant membership year. It is not available to lapsed members re-joining.