“A lot of credit has to go to Damon and Gaye and all the helpers who are long time dancers. I love trying and I will never give up and I love thinking I might be making at least some progress. I look at the experienced dancers and I think, “I bet they love dancing and I bet they feel as good as they look, which is very, very good. They just seem to float effortlessly a few millimeters above the floor, the music carrying them so gracefully.

What I love about the classwork is that it is so light-hearted. Damon never makes it sound all serious, nor does he ever make it seem like it is hard work, even though it kind of is, in a way.  And it doesn’t seem to really matter if you mess up. The music, the movement, the fun of meeting new people who are also having fun makes for a special night. It is like entering a new world. There is a new language and a new way to move your feet and legs and hands. And to think so many people have done this for so long and enjoyed it! For them it is not new at all. Where have I been all this time? It is all a bit mysterious in a wonderful way to me. I guess we will all get there and we will all love it even more as we hone our skills through lots of practice. I can’t wait!”