A word about dancing etiquette

Points of etiquette that should be observed:

  • Form sets after the MC has announced the dance.
  • Take your place in the sets at the end of the line as it is formed.
  • The top couple in each row are responsible for counting off the sets.  Give the line a few seconds to settle down before starting to count.  It saves time in the end!
  • Count down the middle in a reasonably loud voice so that dancers can hear clearly.
  • Having taken a place in the set, stay until the dance has finished.
  • Try and dance with different partners and make new friends.
  • Helping a NEW DANCER does not mean pushing and pulling.  If a dancer needs help, leave it to their partner or one other experienced dancer in the set.  Seven people talking all at once can be CONFUSING!  Often all that is needed is an indication by hand and the dancer can follow where to go.

Dancing is about FUN, FRIENDS and FITNESS.  Enjoy