“What a night it was last night! So many new things to try. So much to get into our heads all at once. So much fun trying! I am so glad to have the You Tubes and the notes that Damon sends along as this helps to consolidate in my mind what I was meant to be learning. The legs and feet have not consolidated so well yet, but I have to believe that will come in time.

What is it about the music, the movement, the people, the smiles, the laughter, my intermittent  successful formations and steps that seems to lift me up and make me forget my worries and concerns? It is like a golden happyland on Monday night. Is it something to do with us all working together at the same thing at the same time, like singing in harmony? We each play a different part, but it is the same dance. We all need each other to make it beautiful. Could it be that we don’t just need each other, but we actually appreciate each other as we dance along?   I think there is an element which escapes words or description. Shall we just call it magic for lack of a better word?”