“Monday 4th February 7:30pm, I walked into the hall for a beginners course for SCD, feeling some trepidation and excitement. Eight weeks on and I love my Monday nights with a great bunch of fun (and funny) students, and fabulous teachers who are filled with the two “P’s” – Passion and Patience. To teach us […]

“A lot of credit has to go to Damon and Gaye and all the helpers who are long time dancers. I love trying and I will never give up and I love thinking I might be making at least some progress. I look at the experienced dancers and I think, “I bet they love dancing […]

“Last year my husband & I were lucky enough to be in a pub in Harris, Scotland when a cèilidh started.  The participants were so full of life and having so much fun, it was a joy to watch. The experienced dancers were very encouraging and asked us to join in on a couple of […]

“What a night it was last night! So many new things to try. So much to get into our heads all at once. So much fun trying! I am so glad to have the You Tubes and the notes that Damon sends along as this helps to consolidate in my mind what I was meant […]