Previous Programmes

  • 25th September by Chris Totton

    The Borrowdale Exchange (R)

    St Andrew’s Fair (J)

    Oxtail Soup (S)

    French Vanilla (R)

    Gary Morris (J)

    Violynne (R)

    City of Belfast (S) 

    Flowers of Edinburgh (R)

  • 18th September by Chris Totton

    The Provost Wynd (R)

    Fair Donald (S)

    The Barmkin (R)

    Around and About (J)

    The Silver Grey (S)

    Swiss Lassie (R)

    A Capital Jig (J) 

    Orpington Caledonians (R)

  • 11th September by Chris Totton

    Taste @ Sawtell (R)

    The Wild Geese (J)

    The Shore of Solway (S)

    Around and About (J)

    Swashbuckling Iain (J)

    Merlin’s Thorn (J)

    Miss Nidra Aitken (S)

    Granville Market (J)

  • 4th September by Chris Totton

    Jubilee Jig (J)

    Morison’s Bush (R)

    Glengrant (S)

    Inchmickery (J)

    The Tushker (R)

    Miss Nidra Aitken (S)

    The Irish Rover (R)

  • 28th August by Chris Totton

    The Maxina (W)

    New Year Jig (J)

    Lammermuir Hills (S)

    The Laird of Milton’s Daughter (R)

    Eileen Watt’s Reel (R)

    Butterscotch and Honey (S)

    Maxwell’s Rant (R)

    The Sailor (R)

    Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S)

    Shiftin’ Bobbins (R)

    St Bernard’s Waltz (W)