Previous Programmes

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    March 18th

    Dame Margaret’s Jig (J)

    The Dandelion Picker (R)

    There’s Something About Thirty (S)

    The Aviator (J)

    MacDonald of Keppoch (M)

    The Blooms of Bon Accord (R)

    The Tushker (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    11th March

    The Findlay’s Jig (J)

    The Wind on the Heath (R)

    The Merchant City (S)

    Postie’s Jig (J)

    Eileen Watt’s Reel (R)

    Furth O’Clyde (S)

    Glen Mor (J)

    The Rothesay Rant (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    March 4th 2019

    Andrew and Gordon’s Jig (J)

    Happy Returns (R)

    Gaelforce Wind (J)

    Memories (S)

    Fahyda (H)

    Tribute to the Borders (J)

    Furth O’ Clyde (S)

    The Deil Amang the Tailors (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    November 12th

    Maxwell’s Rant (R)

    Joie De Vivre (J)

    Triple Happiness (S)

    Pelorus Jack (J)

    Scott Meikle (R)

    Gang the Same Gate (S)

    The Kissing Bridge (R)

    Jim Dougal of Eyemouth (S)

    The Deil Amang the Tailors (R)

    Best Set in the Hall (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    22nd October

    The Royal Deeside Railway (R)

    The Raven’s Dance (J)

    Bruce’s Men (S)

    Forty and Counting (R)

    The Kelloholm Jig (J)

    The Water of Leith (S)

    Peggy Dewer (R)