Previous Programmes

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    November 4th

    Andrew and Gordon’s Jig

    …And the Ladies wore Red (R)

    Rakes of Glasgow (S)

    Roaring Jelly (R)


    The Barmkin (R)

    Staircase in Styria (R)


  • by Chris Totton

    October 28th

    Leo’s Map (J)

    Wedderburn’s Reel (R)

    The Dream Catcher (S)

    In Balance (R)

    Dalkeith’s Strathspey (S)

    The Inimitable Derek (R)

    Lamb Skinnet (J)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    October 21st

    Mrs Stewart’s Jig (J)

    New Abbey (S)

    The St Nicholas Boat (J)

    Bruce’s Men (S)

    Wedderburn’s Reel (R)

    Flora’s Fancy (J)

    Uncle Bill’s Jig (J)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    October 14th

    The Ferry Louper (J)

    Anderson’s Rant (R)

    Wisp of Thistle (S)

    September Sunshine (R)

    Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (R)

    Mrs Stewart’s Jig (J)

    Eileen Watts Reel (R)

    Dei’l Amang the Tailors (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    October 7th

    The Borrowdale Exchange (R)

    The Mountain Stream (R)

    The Paisley Weavers (S)

    The Black Black Oil (R)

    A Reel or Two for Sheila (R)

    Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S)

    Haste to the Wedding (J)

    Scott Meikle (R)

    On the Morning Tide (H)

    The Royal Deeside Railway (R)