Previous Programmes

  • Nov 15th Final Night by Damon Collin

    The Findlay’s Jig (J)

    Catch the Wind (R)

    Balmoral Castle S

    Orpington’s Caledonians R

    The Laird of Milton’s Daughter J

    Triple Happiness S

    Autumn Tidings J

    Mr William Brown’s Reel R

    The Flowering Heather S

    Scott Meikle R

  • Nov 8th Jam Demo NT by Damon Collin

    The Dunedin Festival Dance (R)

    Easy Peasy Rights & Lefts (J)

    Jam Demo Fun at the Fair (R)

    Bruce’s Men (S)

    Cobey’s Barn (R)

    Gang the Same Gate (S)

    The Machine Without Horses (J)

    Scott Meikle (R)


  • AGM Night Nov 1st by Damon Collin

    There & Back  (R)

    Catch the Wind (R)

    May Yarker’s Strathspey (S)

    Pelorus Jack  (J)

    Miss Catherine Morris Strathspey (S)


  • 25th October by Damon Collin

    Black Donald     J

    The Colours of April     S

    Emmetts’ Chase     J

    MacDonald of the Isles for 5 Couples (Big Mac!)     S

    Catch the Wind     R

    Dancing the Baby     R

    Yan Tan Tethera     J

  • Theme Dance Night 18th Oct by Damon Collin

    Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel    R

    Megan’s Favourite    J

    Miss Gibson’s Strathspey   S

    Emmetts’ Chase    J

    The Colours of April    S

    The Irish Rover    R

    The Findlays’ Jig    J