Previous Programmes

  • July 9th – Midwinter Theme Night by Susanna van der Gulik

    The Snowman (R)

    The Puddle (aka Mary Stewart Strathspey) (S)

    Da Rain Dancin’ (R)

    Peat Fire Flame (R)

    Snow Flurries (S)

    The Wild Geese (J)

    Catch the Wind (H)

  • by Susanna van der Gulik

    July 2nd

    Granville Market (J)

    Shiftin’ Bobbins (R)

    Water of Leith (S)

    Lord Maclay’s Reel (R)

    The Wild Geese (J)

    Culla Bay (S)

    The Lass of Richmond Hill (R)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    June 25th

    Circassion Circle

    Allemande to Go (Reel)

    Crom Alt (Jig)

    One set short of a hundred (Strathspey)

    The Hot Cross Bun (Reel)

    The Lass Of Inverness (Strathspey)

    Inchmickery (Jig)

    Fair Enough (JIg)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    June 18th

    The Findlay’s Jig (Jig)

    New Hall (Reel)

    Miss Eleanor (Strathspey)

    The Spring Fling Reel (Reel)

    The Laird of Milton’s Daughter (Jig)

    For all the days of the dance (Strathspey)

    Crammond Bridge (Reel)

    Rimutuka Incline (Reel)

  • by Elizabeth Fergusson

    June 11th

    The Highland Fair (Jig)

    Prince Rupert’s Fancy (Strathspey)

    Orpington Caledonians (Reel)

    Barbara’s Strathspey (Strathspey)

    Autumn Tidings (Jig)

    The Montgomeries Rant (Reel)

    The Highland Rambler (Reel)

    The Luckenbooth Brooch (Jig)