Previous Programmes

  • 21st November by Damon Collin

    Easy Peasy Rights & Lefts (J)

    The Captain’s House (R)

    The Flowering Heather (S)

    The First Rain of Spring (J)

    The Fire Hose Reel (R)

    The Brae’s of Tulliemet (S)

    The Lincoln Imp (J)

    Culla Bay (S)

    Scott Meikle (R)

  • 14th November by Damon Collin

    The Borrowdale Exchange (J)


    The Train Dance (R)

    Miss Milligan’s Strathspey (S)

    Emmetts’ Chase (J)

    The Stoneycroft Strathspey (S)

    Orpington Caledonian’s (R)

    The Findlays’ Jig (J)

  • 7th November by Damon Collin

    Granville Market (J)

    Fire Hose Reel (R)

    Triple Happiness (S)

    The First Rain of Spring (J)

    Hoopers Jig (J)


  • 31st October by Damon Collin

    Allemande to Go (R)

    The After Supper Sweeper (S)

    Bill Clements (J)

    May Yarker’s Strathspey (S)

    The Firehose Reel (R)

    The Missing Turn (R)

    Maxwell’s Rant (R)

  • 24th October by Damon Collin

    Andrew & Gordon’s Jig (J)

    The Haar On Sky (S)

    The Lincoln Imp (J)

    The Swan & the Tay (S)

    On the Quarter Deck (R)

    Pelorus Jack (J)

    Scott Meikle (R)