Previous Programmes

  • 16th March by Elizabeth Fergusson

    Anderson’s Rant (R)

    The Lass of Inverness (S)

    The Dandelion Picker (R)

    The Edinburgh Toyshop (J)

    Sunset on the Tay (S)

    Hooper’s Jig (J)

    The Meeting of the waters (R)

    Joie De Vivre (J)

  • March 9th by Lesley Campbell

    Four-Bar Phrasing (J)

    Kaitoke Wedding (S)

    An English Lass (J)

    The Irish Rover (R)

    Diane’s Dilemma (R)

    The Lass of Inverness (S)

    Red Dance – The Luckenbooth Brooch

    The Summer Assembly (R)

  • March 2nd by Lesley Campbell

    Maxwell’s Rant (R)

    The Silver Tassie (S)

    Purple Heather Jig (J)

    Swiss Lassie (R)

    Four-Bar Phrasing (J)

    The Bees of Maggieknockater (J) Red Dance

    Minister on the Loch (S)

  • November 18th by Elizabeth Fergusson

    Allemande to Go (R)

    The Edinburgh Toy Shop (J)

    Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S)

    Catch the Wind (H)

    Scott Meikle (R)

    The Wind on Loch Fyne (S)

    Society Piper (R)

    Flora’s Fancy (J)

    The Shores of Solway (S)

    De’il Amang the Tailors (R)