Previous Programmes

  • 26 September – Royal Theme Night by Chris Totton

    The Royal Deeside Railway (R)

    Balmoral Castle (S)

    Queen Elizabeth II (R)

    The Queen City Salute (M)

    Lady Home’s Jig (J)

    The Royal Yacht Britannia (R)

    The Reel of the Royal Scots (R)

  • 19th September by Damon Collin

    New Year Jig (J)

    The Den O’ Mains (J)

    The Northern Lights (S)

    The Cape Bretton Hornpipe (R)

    Monymusk (S)

    A-Ward Winning Reel (R)

    Pelorus Jack (R)

  • 12th September by Damon Collin

    Liam Thomas (J)

    The Braes of Tulliemet (S)

    Mako’s Blanket (R)

    Tinkling Jade (S)

    The Den O’ Mains (J)

    Links With St Petersburg (J)

    The Reel of the 51st Division (R)


  • 5th September by Damon Collin

    Anderson’s Rant    (R)

    The Wind on the Heath    (R)

    Tinkling Jade    (S)

    Mako’s Blanket    (R)

    A Summer Meeting    (S)

    Jig to the Music    (J)