Previous Programmes

  • 13th May by Chris Totton

    Ecclefechan Feline (J)

    On the Quarter-Deck (R)

    The Platinum Years (M – S+R)

    Mr Iain Stuart Robertson (R)

    The Provost Wynd (R)

    Lamb Skinnet (J)

    Swirling Snow (S)

  • 6th May by Chris Totton

    Black Donald (J)

    Lonely Sunday (J)

    The Gardener’s Fantasia (S)

    Chased Lovers (J)

    White Heather Jig (J) 

    Barbara White’s Diamond Strathspey (S)

  • 29th April by Chris Totton

    Crabbit Shona (R)

    The Barmkin (R)

    The Falkirk Lass (S)

    Caberfei (R)

    Mrs Macleod (R)

    The Paisley Weavers (S)

    The Black Leather Jig (R)

    Trip to Bavaria (R)

  • 22nd April by Chris Totton

    The Greenbelt Jig (J)

    Friendships (S)

    The Tipsy Vicar (R)

    The Falkirk Lass (S)

    A Trip to Glasgow (J)

    Eileen Watt’s Reel (R) 

    St Andrew’s Fair (J)

  • 15th April by Chris Totton

    Come What May (R)

    Haste to the Wedding (J)

    Orchards of Co. Armagh (S)

    The Black Leather Jig (R)

    The Captain (R)

    Davy Nick Nack (R)

    MacDonald of the Isles (S) 

    Scott Meikle (R)