The Black Black Oil

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THE BLACK BLACK OIL                   (R5x32)              5C set                       J Drewry                          Deeside Bk 2

 1- 8    1+3Cs ½ turn RH moving down 1 place, face partner & set, cross LH to own sides, Men cast down & W up ready for reels across

 9-16   All dance reels across (RSh reels of 3 at ends & reel of 4 in centre) – end 1+3Cs holding partner LH in centre of dance & RH to 1st corner

17-24   1+3Cs Bal-in-Line with corners, turn corners RH into centre & Bal-in-Line, turn corners to sides & face 2nd corners. 

25-32 1+3Cs dance Pass+Turn with 2nd corners, turn RH 1½ times, cast 1 pl on own sides.