Best Set in the Hall (J) – 14 August

1-8     1s set & 1L followed by partner casts below 3s. 1L crosses & casts up to face her 1st corner while 1M dances up the middle to face 1st corner

9-12     1s set to 1st corners & dance RSh round each other into 3rd corner (pstn) while 1st corners dance in & turn right about to face their original position

13-16     1s+1st crnr person set & 1st crnr persons dance RSh round each other into diag opp crnrs while 1s dance in & pivot to right to face 2nd crnrs

17-24     1s repeat bars 9-16 with 2nd corners & end passing RSh to 2nd place opposite sides. (3)(1)(2)

25-32     3s+1s+2s chase clockwise 1/2 way & turn partners RH