October 28th – The Inimitable Derek

R8x32 3C (4C set) Roy Goldring

1 – 8
1s+2s turn 1¼ times on sides (Ladies LH, Men RH) to end in line across 1s BtoB, 1s+2s set, Ladies ¾ turn RH while Men turn ¾ LH. 213

9 – 16
1s dance ½ reels of 3 on sides (1L in and up, 1M in and down), 2s+3s continue reel while 1s cross to join other reel (1L crosses down to 3rd place Men’s side while 1M crosses up to 1st place Ladies’ side) and 1s turn 3M/2L RH to end in a diagonal line between 2nd corners

17 – 24
1s Balance-in-Line with 2nd corners, 1s turn LH and Balance-in-Line with 1st corners, 1s turn LH to…

25 – 32
1s dance RH across on sides (1L with 2L+3L, 1M with 2M+3M), 1L dances up and casts to 2nd place own side while 1M dances down and casts up to 2nd place