1st July

The Auld Grey Cat (R) The Dancing Bees (R) MacDonald of Keppoch (M) A Capital Jig (J) Come What May (R)  Flowers of Edinburgh | Wind on the Heath (R) The Mercat Cross (S)  De’il Amang the Tailors (R)

20th May

Joie de Vivre (J) The Provost Wynd (R) In Traditional Mode (S) Corners of Edinburgh (R) The Laird of Milton’s Daughter (J) The Silver Grey (S) Farewell to Balfour Road (J)  Shiftin’ Bobbins (R)

12th June

Come What May (J) Ecclefechan Feline (J) Anna Holden’s Strathspey (S) The Piper and the Penguin (R) (Sq.) The Paisley Weavers (S) Mrs Stewart’s Jig (J) Seton’s Ceilidh Band (J)  Trip to Gatlinburg (J)

22nd May

The Green Belt Jig (J) Butterscotch and Honey (S) Eileen Watt’s Reel (R) Gang the Same Gate (S) Fiddler’s Joy (R) The Luckenbooth Brooch (J)  Granville Market (J) Shiftin’ Bobbins (R)

15th May

The Auld Grey Cat (R) The Rakes of Glasgow (S) A Capital Jig (J) The Cashmere Shawl (S) The Shetland Shepherdess (J) Pelorus Jack (J)  12 Coates Crescent (S) De’il Amang the Tailors (R)

1st May

Dame Margaret’s Jig (J) Ways in New Hall (R) Love to Lois (S) Laird of Milton’s Daughter (R) The Old Man of Hoy (R) Three Feisty Women (R) Butterscotch and Honey (S) All An Duin (R)

22nd August

Fair Enough (J) The Flowering Heather (S) The Laird of Milton’s Daughter (J) Emma’s Strathspey (S) The First Rain of Spring (J) The Wind on the Health (R) Chased Lovers (J) Andrew & Gordon’s Jig (J)  

20th June

Easy Peasy R&L’s (J) Silver Grey (S) The Reel of the 51st Division (R) Sandy’s Scotch Broth (S) Lady Homes Jig (J) The Amateur Epidemiologist (R) The Findlay’s Jig (J) Broadford Bay (R)  

18th April

The Borrowdale Exchange (R) A Babbling Brooke (J) The Robertson Rant (S) Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (J) The New Year Jig (J) The Diamond Quarrie  (R) First Love (S) The  Jubilee Jig (J)

July 19th

Stick with Me (Diane’s warm up dance) The Lass of Richmond Hill (R) The Pawling Porch (R) May Yarker’s Strathspey (S) Roaring Jelly (J) The Silver Grey (S) The Australian Ladies (R) The Wind Dragon (R)

19th April

Scottish Werewolf       (J) Old & New                    (S) Ngaio’s Gold                 (S) Orpington Caledonians     (R) Caterpillar                     (J) Roaring Jelly                 (J) Easy Peasy […]

May 7th

Maxwell’s Rant (R) Joie de Vivre (J) The Paisley Weavers (S) Fisherman’s Reel (R) A Capital Jig (J) The Shores of Solway (S) Society Piper (R) The Deil Amang the Tailors (R)     April 30th The Borrowdale Exchange (Reel) The Ferry Louper (Jig) New Abbey (Strathspey) The Meeting of the Waters (Reel) The Miller […]