John Cass

JOHN CASS (J5x32) 5C set                                    Peter Avery RSCDS Book 49

1- 8   1C lead down (2+3C step up 3-4), lead up to 3rd place and turn RH to face 3M with 1L following 1M

9-16   1C, 3M+2M, 4L+5L (all in tandem) dance alternating tandem reel on diagonal (1C pass 3M+2M Right Shoulder). 1C end facing 4M (1L following 1M)

17-24 1C, 4M+5M, 2L+3L (all in tandem), repeat 9-16 (1C pass 4M+5M Left Shoulder). 1C end in middle, 3rd place, facing down nearer hands joined (1L on Left of 1M)

25-32 1C dance down between 4C, cast behind 5C (4+5C step up 27-28), 1C pivot turn (R elbow grip) and finish in 5th place. 23451




The Duchess Tree

THE DUCHESS TREE (S8x32) 3C (4C set)                        John Drewry       Brodie Book

1- 8   Reels of 3 on sides:
To start, 1C dance in & cast, 2C CROSS up LH & 3C dance in, join nearer hands (facing DOWN) & cast up. All take hands where possible. FINISH the reel with 1C (nearer hands joined) facing down, 3C (nearer hands joined) facing up & 2C on opposite sides.

9-16   All set, circle left for 2 bars, Men turn Women on their right 2H once round and continue circle to places.

17-24  1+2Cs RHs across & end facing up. 1C cast 1 place & lead up while 2C lead up, CROSS over & cast 1 place. Both couples finish in the middle ready for………

25-32 1+2Cs dance Allemande. 



The Aviator

The Aviator (J8x32) 3C (4C set)                                                                                                                      Bk 52 Carola Fischer
1-4     1C lead down the middle, on bar 4 1M crosses his partner in front so they both face the M’s side, (2C step up on 3+4).

5-8    1W followed by her partner dances out & up the M’s side coming in Between 2+3M to finish facing 3W.

9-16  1C dance a swap over reel of three with 3W+2M, however, on bar 13 1W leaves the reel & turns 3M LH, finishing the turn slipping in Behind 1M who finishes the reel facing 2W.

17-24  1C repeat bars 9-16 with 2W+3M but this time 1M turns 3W they finish in 2nd place facing up.

25-32, 1C dance up round 2C by RSh 1M round 2W, 1W round 2M, 1W chases 1M who crosses the set in 2nd pl, & 2+1+3C’s take hands & set on the side.


For May 10th, The First Rain of Spring

THE FIRST RAIN OF SPRING (J3x32) 3C W. Joubert RSCDS Book 49
1- 8 1C dance down, cast up round 3C, meet, dance up to 1st place facing out. 1+2Cs 1/2 turn (M LH, W RH)
9-16 2+1Cs dance double Figs 8 (1C cross up, 2C cast to start)
17-20 1+3Cs 3/4 turn RH into line up/down in middle facing partner & set
21-28 1+3Cs dance 1/2 Celtic Reel:-
21-22 1+3Cs pass partner RSh
23-24 1M+3W dance clockwise while 1W+3M dance 3/4 round each other LSh to face partners in line across
25-26 1+3Cs pass partner RSh
27-28 1W+3M dance clockwise while 1M+3L dance 3/4 round each other LSh to face partners in line up/down set
29-32 3+1Cs 3/4 turn partners RH to side-lines & 2+3+1Cs set.

19th April

Scottish Werewolf       (J)

Old & New                    (S)

Ngaio’s Gold                 (S)

Orpington Caledonians     (R)

Caterpillar                     (J)

Roaring Jelly                 (J)

Easy Peasy Rights & Lefts     (J)


The Music & the Dance

The Music & the Dance (8x32S) 3C 4C set                            Ann Campbell

1-8       1C cross RH & cast off (2C step up) 1C dance a ½ fig 8 round 2C.

9-16     2+1+3Cs dance the Knot.

17-24     3 couple Set & Rotate:-

25-32      2+1+3Cs 6 hands round and back.     

Please note, this YouTube shows a demonstration where the dancing couple only does the dance once and then slips to the bottom.  You will be called upon to dance the dance twice!

Roaring Jelly

Roaring  Jelly (J8x32) 3C (4C set) H Foss Glendarroch SD Sheets
1- 8        1C cross RH, cast 1 place, cross RH & cast (M up & W down)to finish in the middle of the set.
9-16       1+2+3Cs 6Hands round & back (1C finish as before in centre)
17-24     1C change places RH dance to the right for Figs of 8 (1W round 2C + 1M round 3C)
25-32    1C dance 6bar reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd crnrs & cross RH to own side 2nd place.

12th April

The Findlays’  Jig (J)

The Flowering Heather (S)

Merry Lads’ Affair (R)

Trip to Timber Ridge (R)

Yan Tan Tethera (J)

Barbara’s Strathspey (S)

Mairi’s Wedding (R)

Barbara’s Strathspey

BARBARA’S STRATHSPEY  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)     S McKinnell  RSCDS Bk 46

 1- 8   1C set & cast 1 pl, (2C step up) 1C dance ½ Fig of 8 (1M up 1W down )

 9-16  2+1+3Cs set & 1C cross passing RSh, 2M+1M ALSO 1W+3W turn RH 1½ times on sides


17-24  1+2+3Cs dance 3 couple Bourrel: –

          1M+3W also 2M+1W set advancing & ¾ turn 2H to line up/down middle & finish facing own partners, MEANWHILE 3M & 2L dance anticlockwise ½ way to face partner

           All set & turn 2H to own sides.  3 1 2 (M face up W down).

25-32  All chase clockwise ½ way, all ½ turn partners RH, pause & cast to places.  2 1 3

Red Dance

ORPINGTON CALEDONIANS  (R8x32)  3C (4C set) J Brenchley  RSCDS Book 49

 1- 8   1C set, 1W casts followed by 1M, dances across to 2M’s pl facing out (2s step up 5-6).  1L+3M also 1M+3L turn LH 1/2 way & Men face out

 9-16   3+1Cs Ladies Chain, 1M finishes facing out

17-24  1M followed by 1W casts up, dances across to 2pl (3C step down 19-20).  2+1Cs dance RH across.  1M & 2W finish facing out.

25-32  2+1+3Cs reels of 3 on sides (1+3Cs pass LSh to start)

Miss Eleanor


MISS ELEANOR  (S3x32) 3C Ann Dix  RSCDS Bk 49

 1- 8   1+2+C3s dance Mirror (Reflection) reels of 3 on sides (1C in/down to start)

 9-16   1C set, cast (2C step up) & turn RH.  1W casts to 3rd pl, 1M casts up to 1st pl (2M steps down & 3W steps up)

17-24  All dance 3 couple Bourrel                       

25-32  3+1+2Cs 6H round & back


Cherry Blossom Time

CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)              J Drewry Cherry Blossom Bk

 1- 8        1W+2M change pls RH & cast to partners place while 1M+2W set & dance down OR up 1 pl, 1+2C’s dance RH across

 9-16       1W+2M change pls LH & cast to original places while 1M+2W set & dance to original pls, 1+2C’s dance LH across, finish facing on the sides

17-24       1+2+3C’s dance LSh reels of 3 on own sides, & finish facing again.

25-32       1M+2M also 1W+2W turn LH 1½ times & 1+3C’s dance RH across.



Red Dance

MACDONALD OF KEPPOCH (M-(S64+R64)) Sq.Set Chris Ronald RSCDS Bk 49
1- 8 1+3C dance 6 bars R&L (Men polite turns) to finish in centre B-to-B with partner facing side couples (1W+2W, 1M+4M, 3W+4W, 3M+2M). All set
9-16 Reels of 4 across. Finish in line up/down with Ladies (in middle) facing.
17-24 Reel of 4 (1W+3LWpass RSh). Finish in original places facing ptnrs
25-32 All set, all turn ptnr RH 1¼ into promenade hold & dance 1 pl anticlockwise.
Repeat in Strathspey then twice in Reel time back to original places.

The Red Dance March 8th

Juliet’s Reel (R8x32) 3C (4Cset)                                                                        Janet Favel, Dunedin NZ

1-4      1W sets & casts 1 place. (2W steps up 3&4).

5-8      1W dances round 3W passing LS while 1M sets + casts 1 place, (2M steps up 7&8).

9-16   1+2W also 1+3M reels of 3 on the sides passing RS, (2W finishes facing out).

17-20  1W RHs across with 2C, while 1M dances around 3M RS.

21-24  1W LHs across with 3C while 1M LHs across with 2C.

25-32  2+1+3Cs advance & retire & 1C turns RH.