November 18th

Allemande to Go (R)

The Edinburgh Toy Shop (J)

Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S)

Catch the Wind (H)

Scott Meikle (R)

The Wind on Loch Fyne (S)

Society Piper (R)

Flora’s Fancy (J)

The Shores of Solway (S)

De’il Amang the Tailors (R)

November 11th

Trip to Gatlinburg (J)

Junior Class Demo

Fisherman’s Reel (R)

Bruce’s Men (S)

Falconer Hall (J)

Staircase in Styria (R)

Jim Dougal of Eyemouth (S)

Reel On (R)

Uncle Bill’s Jig (J)


November 11th

JIM DOUGAL OF EYEMOUTH (S3x32) 3C set Muriel A Johnstone Ladies of Dunse

1- 8 1’s+2’s set and Petronella-in-tandem into centre, circle 4H round to left ½ way and turn partners 2H ready for diagonal Poussette
9-16 2’s+1’s dance ½ Diamond Poussette, 2s+3s dance ½ Diamond Poussette ending on own sides. 132
17-24 3’s dance diagonal R&L (2)3(1)
25-32 2’s also 1’s dance petronella turn into centre and set, 2’s and 1’s turn partners LH 1¼ times. 231


Red Dance October 21st

FLORA’S FANCY (J8x32) 3C (4C set) RSCDS Tucson and 7 Pipers Scottish Society RSCDS Book 49

1- 8 1s set, cast (2s step up). 1L+2s also 1M+3s dance RH across. 1s finish in middle facing up, 1M following 1L
9-16 1s (in tandem) +2s dance reel of 3 across (1s pass 2L RSh). 1s end in 2nd place own sides
17-24 1s set, turn ¾ RH to face own sides. 1L+2s also 1M+3s dance LH across. 1s finish in middle facing down, 1L following 1M
25-32 1s (in tandem) +3s dance reel of 3 across (1s pass 3M RSh). 1s end in 2nd place own sides


October 14th

The Ferry Louper (J)

Anderson’s Rant (R)

Wisp of Thistle (S)

September Sunshine (R)

Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (R)

Mrs Stewart’s Jig (J)

Eileen Watts Reel (R)

Dei’l Amang the Tailors (R)

October 14th

EILEEN WATT’S REEL (R3x32) 3C set John Wilkinson

1- 8 1’s cross RH and cast 1 place, lead down LH crossing below 3’s and cast up to 2nd place own side
9-16 2’s and 3’s petronella turn into middle and set, 1’s petronella turn into middle (1L between 2’s and 1M between 3’s) and all set
17-24 2L+1L and 1M+3M (both couples dancing in tandem) dance an Alternating Tandem reel of 4 with 2M and 3L up/down (2M and 3L do not pass LSh at end of reel) and end Men face down, Ladies up
25-32 All chase clockwise ½ way to own sides and turn RH. 312


October 7th

The Borrowdale Exchange (R)

The Mountain Stream (R)

The Paisley Weavers (S)

The Black Black Oil (R)

A Reel or Two for Sheila (R)

Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S)

Haste to the Wedding (J)

Scott Meikle (R)

On the Morning Tide (H)

The Royal Deeside Railway (R)